Ordering food is a total catch-22, as LeBron James recently showed us when he got a pizza with 16 toppings on it. Because you know how they say, “Don’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry?” Well, that doesn’t work for ordering out or picking up takeout, because why on earth would you do so if you weren’t hungry? The whole point is that the food instantly appears and then you can eat it without having to cook or go grocery shopping and then cook. But being hungry while you make your choices means that your eyes are often bigger than your stomach and the food comes with, like, five sets of silverware even though it’s just for you.

LeBron James appears to have found himself in this quagmire when he recently ordered a pizza at Blaze Pizza — a chain in which he’s an investor — while starving and ended up with 16 toppings on it.



That’s so impressive. It’s also kind of questionable, because a lot of these ingredients don’t sound like they’d be super great together. Like, I don’t know that I want both turkey meatballs and chicken on my pizza. Or basil, spinach, AND arugula.

Also: How on earth did all of this fit on one pizza? Was the dough more of a tray, and the toppings more of a pile? Inquiring minds want to know, LeBron. Please either show us a picture of this pizza or, if you were too hungry and ate it immediately, order one again just so we can see what it looks like.

You can send it to cwilder@usatoday.com or tweet it to us at @ForTheWin.

Thanks in advance!

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LeBron James ordered a pizza with 16 toppings
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