There’s a ton of buzz around the start of Ben Simmons’ NBA career this fall, and rightfully so.

But count me as one of the NBA fans more excited about finally getting to see his Philadelphia 76ers teammate Joel Embiid finally step on to the hardwood.

Embiid, you may recall, was drafted third overall by the “Trust the Process” Sixers in 2014 after and hasn’t played a single game yet. Throughout his slow rehabilitation from multiple foot surgeries, we’ve seen glimpses of him on the court, and from what little has come out, he’s oozing with potential. Do I care he’s going to be part of a very crowded front-court? Nope. Do I care the only basketball I’ve seen him play was his freshman year at Kansas? Not really.

Here are four reasons to be pumped, even though it’s just August:

1. This workout video, which Embiid posted on his Instagram account Tuesday

Instagram Photo

2. This video from before a game in April

Here’s what I see: A seven-footer with a game that combines some slick moves in the post — we’ll see if that translates in games and not just in practice — and outside shooting. Looks like he can occasionally put the ball on the floor, too. Drool. Do I care this is all in non-game situations? You know the answer.

3. Watching him play in his new, way-bigger body

Back at Kansas — and before — he was a pretty skinny kid.

Instagram Photo


Instagram Photo

4. His amazing social media skills should only get better

He’s been one of the funniest and most vocal players on Instagram and Twitter. Now that he’ll actually play, it means we’ll get even more of his insights and jokes about what’s happened on the court. Can’t wait. The downside: Maybe he won’t have time to do things like arm wrestle Justin Bieber.


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4 reasons to be irrationally excited about Joel Embiid's long-awaited NBA debut
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