Equestrian Phillip Dutton won the third Olympic medal of his career when he captured the bronze in Eventing on Tuesday. The 52 year-old is the oldest to win a medal in Rio, and he won one on the same day as Michael Phelps, which is rather interesting, because it’s not the first time those two Olympians’ paths have crossed.

You may not know this but Phelps has a racehorse called Water Cube (cute right?), and back in March, Dutton took Water Cube through a little jumping session to test out its skills. The horse is still too young to be in the Olympics, but given enough time, Dutton said he could see the horse having a second career in eventing.

Dutton, speaking to NBC:

“He carries himself in a nice, elevated way, which is helpful. All that stuff plays a part especially when it comes to jumping and the dressage world,” Dutton told NBC Olympics. “He looks like an athlete, basically, and that’s what we want. He’s still a young horse and his muscling will change now when we see a lot of jumps. Once we stop the racing all the time and we start working on the dressage work, that starts changing the shape of the horse and the muscling. They develop a lot more of the top line of muscles. I think he’s going to really develop into a great looking horse.”

So yes, there could be even more medals heading Phelps’ way in the future.

Here’s the video of their time together.

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Equestrian says Michael Phelps' horse could be in the Olympics one day
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